In The Spotlight Series, May edition: 


Introducing Anita from Wordfetti! 

Wordfetti is a word-ucation house, template shop, and community for brands that don't want to do normal. Created by ex-lawyer turned copywriter, Wordfetti helps brands stand out through consumer psychology, design-thinking and words.⁠

We asked Anita  to tell us all about her and her business! She shares some serious inspiration and is certainly a person to look up to for all things Biz and words!

Happy reading! x

Question one: Tell us a little about wordfetti, what do you teach in your online course?

Wordfetti is a human-centred brand DNA and copywriting school helping brands zig when others zag through our framework that blends consumer psychology, design-thinking and words. We do this in a few ways! Our signature course and experience Wordfetti Your Words where we teach businesses how to sell without sounding salesy with their copy and how they can think, write, and convert like a copywriter (even if they're a non-writer), along with our suite of digital products and copywriting templates for businesses. I'd like to say one of the biggest things that set us apart is the funfetti, we sprinkle that in all of our brand touch points. Cause who the heck said copywriting and business building had to be boring, right?

Question two: What does a ‘day off’ look like?

Love this question! A lil bit of a lazy start to the day, being somewhere around nature or the ocean (there's something about the ocean that does it for me!), a road trip somewhere with the hubby, some delicious food, great company, airplane mode potentially on the phone, and some time for cuddles with my 2 x pups Hachi and Mochi. 

Question Three: Biggest pet peeve?


Question four: 3 things you can’t live without? 

My loved ones. A good book. And being somewhere near the ocean!

Question five: Favourite quote?

So many! But at the moment, I'd say: "I'd rather make A's in 3 things as opposed to B's in 5 things" - I swiped this from the book Greenlights, an excellent read, or shall I say listen (seriously, highly recommend listenin' to this book haha) by Matthew McConaughey. 

Question six: One piece of advice you would give to yourself five years ago?

Enjoy the heckin' journey, and don't be afraid to find ways to have more fun every day. I think so often we get so caught up in that next big goal (whether it be the next revenue goal, next pay rise, or whatever that next big thing is) that we forget that the real magic sometimes isn't the destination, but the flearnings (failure + learnings), the experiences, the moments on the path, and in the journey.

Question seven: What does your ‘perfect’ Saturday look like? 

Oooh. I'd probably say it'd be taking my "day off" answer up a notch, and say that I am actually in a completely different city/country. Exploring and gettin' lost with my hubby and 2 pups. 

Question eight: Name one woman who inspires you and why?

My Mum. Her ability to always "make it work" and find a way. Like literally, a broken pipe? Lost socks? Learning a new language at the age of 50? Recreating a recipe at a restaurant when I tell her "Ma, can you make this at home? It's goooooood" - yeah, look, no heckin' problemo.

Question nine: What is your favourite book related to business?

Designing Your Life - there is also one related to work. But I found this book really reshaped the way I looked at life, business, everything. In short, it really talks about those sliding door moments, and how by getting clear on what we see as important in our work, and in our life, we are able to take charge and responsibility to intentionally design our own life the way we want it. It's a goodie. 

May 19, 2021 — Jane Hedges