Five ways to get your 2021 goals back on track for the second half of the year:

One: Re-spark your motivation


At the start of every year, we are all filled and fuelled with motivation to tackle our new year goals, also often referred to as our new year resolutions. For the first few weeks of the year we are fired up with passion and determined to not let this year be like every other year. It’s good for the first few weeks. Then life happens. That savings goal you were getting close to took a massive hit because of an unexpected cost in your life. Your fitness goals were hindered because of work, family life and your social life getting too busy, and something had to give. Perhaps your business goals were put on hold because of things well out of your control.

There will always be barriers that get in the way of achieving your goals. The difference between those that achieve their goals and those that don’t is how you react to those barriers.

This is your mid-year reminder to go over, under, through or around that barrier to achieve your goals.

Sit down and write all the reasons why you wanted to achieve them. Think about how you will feel WHEN you achieve that goal.

It’s okay to change your plan, it’s actually encouraged as long as your goal stays the same and you don't dim your potential.

Two: Start celebrating the small wins


Start celebrating the small wins! When you have a big goal, it is so easy to forget to celebrate the little victories along the journey. Small wins help to keep us going.

A series of small wins can also all contribute to a big victory. No one has ever gotten to where they are by doing one, big grand thing. They would have had small wins along the way that contributed to their success.

Think about now all the small wins you have had on your journey to your goal so far.

This can be anything from losing 1kg in your 10kg weight loss journey, getting your first sale in your newly opened business or saving more money this quarter than you did last quarter. Whatever your small wins are for the first half of the year I want you to write them down and take a moment to be proud of yourself for what you have achieved so far.

Three: Believe in yourself and have the confidence to do it


Start believing in you and have the confidence in your ability to achieve these goals! There is nothing more powerful than believing in yourself. It is crazy what you will attract when you believe you deserve great things.

Start working on believing in yourself and knowing that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to. The only person who needs to believe in you, is you. You’ve got this!

Four: Stop wasting your time and get focused


If you don’t like tough love this step is not for you. You need to start taking actionable steps towards your goals. Stop talking and start doing.

So often we hear people talk about what their next big move is but very few actually do it. If you’re worried about being perfect, don’t be.

That product that you put out that six months down the track you will cringe to think about? That’s good! That shows that you’re growing as a business!

You know the good old saying, ‘If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late’.

Well, it’s true! Don’t be afraid to put yourself and your business out into the world!

The same goes for many other goals. For example, health goals. If you talk a lot about eating healthier but give up because you find it overwhelming, don’t be discouraged to start small. Replacing one normally unhealthy meal with a nutritious meal is still working towards your goal instead of not trying anything different and doing the exact same thing you normally do.

You can’t expect a different outcome with the same routine.

Five: Write down your goals again and turn them into S.M.A.R.T


Now is the time to re-write all your goals again on a piece of paper. Turn them into S.M.A.R.T goals for the second half of the year. It’s okay if you want to adjust a few of them or change your original plan to achieve them.

If you need a little refresher on S.M.A.R.T goals here it is below-

Specific- Get clear on what you want to achieve ⁠

Measurable- Is this goal measurable? How will you measure this goal? ⁠

Attainable- Is your goal realistic? And if not, what steps can you put in place to make it attainable? ⁠

Relevant- Does your goal align with your vision? ⁠

Time- What is the deadline to your goal?⁠

We believe in you to absolutely smash your goals for the last six months of the year. Believe in yourself, have confidence, work hard and you can do anything! It’s never too late to start. And hey guess what, the best time to start? IS RIGHT NOW!

May 24, 2021 — Jane Hedges