The power of manifestation:

What is manifestation?  

Manifestation is a great way to set your intentions and attract the right opportunities for you. A brief definition of manifestation is the process of bringing things into your life through your thoughts, feeling and beliefs. Manifestation goes hand in hand with working towards what you want to achieve. If you're manifesting your goals but not taking the opportunities when they come to you, the manifestation will not work. This is why, when setting your intentions, it is so important to commit to your dreams fully.

 How do you manifest?

You can manifest things in so many different ways like

-Saying what you want aloud.

-Writing it down.

-Thinking it in your head.

-Creating a vision board.

We believe the best way to manifest your goals is to journal and write them down. This way you can Cleary see and refer back to what you are manifesting.

Journaling can be done anytime you want, although we recommended doing it daily in the morning to give yourself inspiration and direction for the new day ahead.

If you're new to journaling an excellent way to start is to every day write down one thing you want to accomplish that day and the steps you have to do to achieve that goal.

For example, this could be having a productive workday while also having the time to see your friends for dinner. To help set your intentions for the day, write down a time frame of when a task needs to be achieved. Make sure to include breaks for yourself to ensure you're as productive as possible. To help manifest this, you can write down and say, 'I will not procrastinate, I will work hard to achieve my self-set deadlines and then reward myself with dinner with my friends'.

How we can help you manifest:

Are you new to manifestation? Still don't quite understand how to do it? Our journals are made just for you! We are so passionate about helping people to achieve their goals and giving them the guidance to do so. Our gratitude journal and daily affirmations book go hand in hand to helping you manifest your dreams and goals.

Our affirmation book is filled with quotes to inspire you. Each quote in the affirmation book has been put in there to provoke manifestation and help you to realise you can achieve anything. The journal is there to help guide you in nurturing the daily affirmation into manifestation towards your goals. It does this by allowing you to set your intentions and using the quote as your manifestation for the day.

We hope this blog has helped you to learn the power of manifestation and that you realise that you are so capable of achieving all your goals! x

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April 19, 2021 — Katie Stevens