Five ways to find you purpose    

Have you been feeling aimless lately? Maybe a little bit lost? The following five steps will help you discover what direction in life you want to go. What are you waiting for babe? Go discover your new purpose!



An essential part of finding your purpose is evaluating what is important to you. This is because inspiration fills your motivation.

 For example, If you are passionate about helping others that will be a significant driving force in the career you choose. The same goes for your interests. If you adore fashion, it would be easy for you to create content surrounding that and the same goes for if you hated it, creating content would be difficult.

Finding your purpose is all about defining what you love and turning that into something you can do on the daily.



Establishing the 'big picture' in whatever it is you want to do is so important. It's okay if It changes along the way so long as you have one established at the start. This is to keep you motivated, hold you accountable and provide focus.

One way to help you find the big picture is by asking yourself where you want to be in a year from now. Underneath that goal write down all of the things (including the very small) that you need to do to achieve that goal.

Once again, it's okay if it changes along the way because having your goals in writing will help you visualise what you need to do/prioritise.



Knowing your strengths is a great help in finding your purpose. Your strengths are a combination of your personal interests, acquired skills and life experiences. If you can't think of any of your strength's dig deep and think of different times in your life where you succeeded and identify what lead to that success.

The results will help you to understand why you succeeded and then can be applied to whatever it is you want to do. Knowing your strengths also help you to work on your weaknesses.

This is because they can be more easily identified, and it will give you the opportunity to either improve them or find creative ways to work around them.



A vision statement is where you can truly let your dreams go wild. If there was a world with no limitations, and you knew you would succeed, what would your dream be? By writing down your vision statement, you are fuelling your passion and helping to keep yourself focused on what you want to achieve.

When writing your Vision statement, I want you to remember you are capable of far greater things and that by having a vision statement it will help you to realise your dreams are achievable. It will also help you in decision making so your choices can align with where you want to be in the future.



Whatever you are doing, your core values should always remain the same. They help you with your decision making and to keep you on the right track.

When a problem arises in your job, personal life, or relationships to help keep you aligned with your purpose, you should ask yourself 'is my response going to align with my core values'. Asking yourself this question will help you to stay consistent through all aspects of your life. It will also help you to make hard decisions because when you know your core values, they act as a guideline for most if not all the choices you make.

February 01, 2021 — Katie Stevens