australian women's business network


Yesterday, I attended my very first Minding Her Business Networking event at the Lushington Venue in Brisbane. I had seen these events on friends timelines and they looked like so much fun! I thought, I wonder if they are really that much fun in real life or if it's just for the 'Gram'...

The verdict is in...

It was an EPIC afternoon with delicious food, bubbles, inspiration and networking. I can see why they are a 100% sell out at every event. 


australian women's business network


As you walked into the venue, you were greeted with friendly MHB crew and the most gorgeous flower tree!

True to any fabulous event, there was a donut wall, muffin stack and raw treats but it didn't end there. 

There was numerous photo walls for a quick snap of the fun you're having for the gram and... a hair touch up station with professional hair stylists from @epichairdesigns. 

Most would think what I've described is epic enough, but it didn't end there...


australian women's business network


The panel of guest speakers were Holly Louise (aka The Fit Pharmacist), Alison Egan (founder of Sparking White Smile) and Brendon Mann (founder of Epic Hair Design) and they were nothing short of inspiring. 

The panel discussion provided insights into how they successfully launched and grew their businesses, the struggles they faced and their definition of success in their lives. I was able to resonate with each of them for different reasons. 

Holly shared her journey from being a full time pharmacist while launching her cafe and online coaching business to recently quitting to go all in on her business ventures.

Holly opened up about the struggles with juggling her cafe and online PT business without any staff AND working as a full time pharmacist. It has meant that if she want's to take some time out, it means that it doesn't get done. That feels like me right now! I bet you're probably the same. Holly has recently resigned from being a pharmacist to pursue her passion with her businesses and hasn't looked back since!

Alison shared how she was in her early 20's when she would work her day job then travel around whitening people's teeth, often at a loss just to build a brand that can be trusted. Now she has 20 franchises around Australia.

Alison shared how much she values her team and does not see herself as being superior and will often go out for coffee's with everyone in her team. I love this so much because one of my values is to treat everyone equally, no matter who they are and everyone in the business unit is equally responsible for a businesses success. It's one of the people skills I learned when I was an assistant manager of the butcher department at Woolworths. 

Brendan grew up with his mother and aunty owning hair salons and learned from a young age about business. He isn't a qualified hair dresser or colour stylist, but owns 15 salons across Brisbane, offering luxurious hair salon experiences. He talked about how he LOVES to feel busy and that's when he is in his flow state. I am also most productive when i've got a lot on my plate. Are you the same?


australian women's business network


The event was honestly so amazing. If you missed out and want a fun, networking event to attend in Brisbane, I highly recommend attending the next event.

You can sign up to the mailing list and be the first to find out when the next event is being held here:

I hope to see you there!

To your ongoing success. 

Jade xx




australian women's business network
September 14, 2020 — KART Digital Collaborator